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There are many factors that influence a man's sexual performance. We would like to give some details about the general causes for non virility or general dislike by men for having sex. They are listed below:
  • To Delay the Ejaculation (PREMATURE EJACULATION PROBLEM)
Himalayan Niagra For Men




Impotence is the inability to achieve or sustain an erection, and most men will experience this very frustrating problem at some time. It can either be a once-in-a-lifetime problem, or occur periodically or chronically.

When this happens it can cause anxiety, depression, and a variety of other problems, since it could lead to the man questioning his sexual prowess. Several diseases such as diabetes can cause impotence; yet, other factors such as worry, over-work, and fatigue can cause this highly frustrating experience.

Circulation of blood is of prime importance, since if the blood flow to the penis is not 100%, then problems may be experienced with achieving and maintaining an erection.

Nutrition also plays a large role in sexual prowess, and that is where the belief originated regarding oysters and sex - the reason is simple - oysters contain zinc and men need zinc for normal sexual functioning.

Zinc is an ingredient needed for testosterone manufacture and for sperm production. A shortage of zinc can also contribute to mental problems, which may also contribute to a loss of libido. Zinc is also required for proper prostate functioning. One very important point to keep in mind is to discuss any sexual problem with your partner - this will clear the air, and will also help to lessen any psychological pressure that you may be feeling.


The male's sexual peak is reached in early adulthood and then declines after that - but - men can stay sexually active until a very advanced age, should they so choose.Citing age as a contributing factor for sexual dysfunction is mostly used as an excuse not to have sex, since age as such does not mean that you should be sexually inactive.


Without testosterone in the body, normal sexual functioning cannot happen, but should this be a problem it is easily treatable by a medical doctor. There is no clear-cut indication that testosterone levels influence the size of the penis.

The correlation between blood testosterone levels and sexual activity is a disputed area, since some studies indicate that increased testosterone levels influence sexual behavior, yet some conflicting studies exist on the amount of testosterone required to perform properly.

Alcohol and Other Substances

Some men might experience an increase in libido when a large quantity of alcohol is consumed, or when certain addictive substances are used, but the downside of this is possible erectile dysfunction.

Addictive substances, and here we include alcohol, may lead to problems with achieving an erection, a decrease in the duration of the erection and an increase in time to ejaculate.

Chronic alcoholism and substance abuse may lead to impotence since some studies have shown that the liver is stimulated to produce an enzyme, which destroys testosterone - the male hormone, and the body does not compensate for this loss. It is therefore suggested that a healthy as possible lifestyle be followed if you wish to maximize your sex life.


Many drugs are prescribed for a variety of problems - from high blood pressure medication to anti-anxiety and anti-depression drugs as well as medication for ulcers etc., and these may cause loss of libido, impotence as well as other sexual disturbances which could include breast enlargement, decreased emission etc.

The important point when taking this type of medication is to know that these side effects exist, to enable you to discuss them with your doctor should it adversely impact on your sex life.

Should this happen your doctor could look at substituting the particular drug. If substituting with another type of medication is not possible it is important then to know why your sexual functioning is impaired to prevent you doubting yourself.

Himalayan Niagra For Men

Some herbal sexual supplements for men sexual enhancer which make it sound as if you will overnight get new body parts - but the truth of the matter is that there are no pill or capsule that can change the physiological size overnight.

What our herbal sexual supplement/ men sexual enhancer does with great success, is to ensure that you achieve the libido and enhance your performance time and there by preventing the premature ejaculation.

The herbs also has a "warming" effect, and helps to increase the libido naturally, without any side effects, as is the case with many sexual medications.

We made no claims that is impossible to substantiate, and have a faithful following of satisfied clients who have been using Himalayan NIAGRA for some time, and with great effect

Ingredients Used In Our Herbal Himalayan Niagra For Men

Our Herbal Himalayan Niagra (For Men) Men Sexual Enhancer is a unique and extraordinary formula, in which a blend of various pure herbs and natural ingredients are combined to create this remarkable product. Some of the herbs and natural ingredients in this medicine include: ginseng, rosemary, ginger, peppermint, Cuccrbita Pepo, Asparagus Racemosus, Argyreia Nervosa..

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